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Welcome to the STREET TEAM for Discovering Joy in Philippians! You are likely a good friend of one or more of the authors: Pam Farrel (Devotional author of “Choosing Joy!” sections), Jean E Jones (author of in-depth Bible study) , Karla Dornacher (artist). You might also be one of the people that love the bestselling Discovering Hope in Psalms: A Creative Bible Study Experience, or perhaps you have enjoyed some of Pam and Karla’s many books, or heard one of the authors speak or on the radio/podcast and enjoyed their biblical, practical, helpful  wisdom.  One thing for sure—whoever you are–

YOU ARE VERY IMPORTANT and TREASURED by all of the authors!

What is a STREET TEAM?: This “Scatter JOY” street team is a group gathered for about 30 days at a week before and a few weeks after the RELEASE of Discovering Joy in Philippians, (May 14) You are volunteering to shout out the good news of GREAT JOY to your friends, family, church and those on your social media.

Join the Street Team now right here:

You are invited to join a PRIVATE Facebook group where we will ENJOY the JOY journey TOGETHER! In the Facebook group there will be memes (graphics) you can save then share on your social media, sample tweets, quotes, and verses about joy!

And we will share some fun activities, free downloads, and giveaways– JUST FOR YOU– as our THANKS!  (Click to request to be in the Street Team Facebook Group)

We are hoping you will ATTEND one or more of the ONLINE Joy Jubilee Launch parties: 

Pam Farrel: Tuesday May 14 at 6:06pm PT

Jean Jones: Wednesday May 15 at 1 pm PT

Karla Dornacher: Thursday May 16 at 6:06 pm PT

Then, please share our party video on your page and/or host a “watch party” on YOUR Facebook page (What is a “watch party”? and how to host.)

Some other things you can do to help share the joy:

  1. Buy a copy or COPIES from Amazon, Christian Books, Barnes and Noble or author (see all options at  )
  2. Share Facebook memes (pix with quotes or verses) / Create your own or simply share the ones we provide in SCATTER JOY Street Team Facebook Group
  3. Share on other social media: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, blog, etc.
  4. Tell you pastor, women’s ministry Director, Pastor’s wife and bible study leaders
  5. Run a small group using Discovering Joy in Philippians
  6. Read and color—post photos of your art or favorite verses on your social media
  7. Follow all the authors and repost their posts (and interact, comment and leave an emoji response on their social media)
  8. Pray that those who most NEED JOY, buy or are given a copy of Discovering Joy
  9. Buy a case and give away to those in your world that need JOY
  10. Write a positive, glowing, heartfelt, (hopefully five-star) review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Books and Good Reads.

You can do as much as you feel comfortable of these things—we are GRATEFUL and APPRECIATIVE of anything you share to help “SCATTER JOY” and help others in their DISCOVERING JOY IN PHILIPPIANS: A Creative Bible Devotional Experience.

Thank you

Pam Jean, Karla

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