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Kid-Sized Valentines Ideas

To extend love to the children of your world,here are a few ideas: Younger than…

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Your Family Compass!

We saw a refrigerator magnet that read, “Marriage is when a man and woman become…

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Keep Your Child S.A.F.E. from Predators

Sexual abuse is almost a daily headline, so all parents need to have their eyes…

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How Guys are Wired for Risk- Chad Eastham’s View

While I’m not saying that all guys fantasize about base-jumping from a dangerous 2,000-foot- high…

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Be Epic! Wise Choices for the Teen Heart

Movies with superheroes almost always seem to be box office hits. We think that is…

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Prayer Matters

The Best Decisions Every Parent Can Make: Prayer Matters! We believe that prayer is the…

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