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52 Ways to Wow Your Husband

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With the same candor and creativity that made Men Are Life Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti (more than 270,000 copies sold) a bestseller, author Pam Farrel gives wives 52 ways to wow their husbands and add spark to their marriages. Pam delivers humor in her fun woman-to-woman style through inspirational stories, godly advice, and easy-to-read offerings that include:

  • wow assignments: simple ways to support, love, and encourage husbands
  • wow wisdom: Bible verses and wisdom to help women cover their spouse with prayer
  • wow dates: creative ideas for everything from shared meals to weekend getaways

Newlyweds, married with kids, or empty nesters will appreciate these ideas crafted for the busy life. A woman can try one idea a week for a year or take on a few at a time to deepen her spiritual, emotional, and physical bond with her loved one.


Editorial Reviews

“If you have gotten into a rut or lack fresh inspirational ways to maintain the spark in your relationship with your husband, this book may assist you with coming up with different ways to ‘Wow’ your husband.”

“Even if you have only been married a short time this would be a great addition to your library to help you get to know your husband better. A perfect addition to your devotion time…”

“…fun ideas for date nights and special ideas to keep your marriage fresh and exciting.”

“For any woman who would like to add a little extra spark and excitement to their marriage, this is a great resource to get things rolling.”

“With as crazy as my life has been this book helped me remember that, despite all the trials and stresses of life with 5 kids, I need to remember to take time for my marriage and put my husband first.”

“It was nice to get some insight into my man and to get some new date ideas.”

“This is a great book for Christians and non-Christians alike. It provides a lot of great ideas for working toward a better martial relationship.”

“Over the last year, I have read a lot of books about marriage but this is by far one of my favorite! It is one that all married women need to have in their personal libraries and refer to regularly. 52 Ways To Wow Your Husband would make the perfect gift for the new bride in your life! I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs-up!”

“I found this book very enjoyable and intriguing…for the Christian wife who wants to show her husband her love and devotion for him.”

“This book changed my life and helped bring some surprise elements in my marriage. I highly recommend this book to those who wants some ‘wow’ in their marriage.”

“Wives and moms will appreciate the setup of the book because it is reader friendly for busy women and you can take about five minutes a week and read the chapter. In my opinion, this book is a must have for all wives.”

52 Ways to Wow Your Husband is sure to add a bit of pizzazz to your marriage, whether you are newlywed, married with kids, or an empty nester. Ideal for one a week for a year, or do a few at a time. Highly Recommended.”

52 Ways to Wow Your Husband is a wonderful resource for any wife!…This book is smoothly written in a way that is easy to understand and easy to personally apply.”

“Without being a guilt–inducer [this book] gives things every woman can do to put a little more fun and depth in her marriage…”

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