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Here are some extra writing and speaking tools of the trade you might find helpful. Bill and Pam would also like to stay connected, so please join our Living Love-Wise Community by subscribing here.

Sample devotional for Marriage Meet Up: A Planner for Couples Who Want a Productive, Passionate and Purposeful Life

“AHA Success! Using Your Marriage Meet Up Planners”  – a video training from Power Couples by Design Marriage Summit is on the Marriage Meet Ups planner page. 

If you would like invited to Pam’s “Writer’s Salon” Facebook group for ongoing free writing and speaking input, send email to and ask to be added.

You might also find some of these helpful tools, found on this book page:  7 Simple Skills for Every Women: Success at Getting and Keeping it All Together:
Rubberband Decision-Making worksheet.
Eisenhower Decision -making grid
Your Best Year Yet worksheet  (women’s version)  (Couple’s version)
Family Compass
Stair-Step Goal Planner Sheet

Another great resource:

30 Questions to Ask Before You Launch a Book

The Conflict Covenant Worksheet. Turn conflict into connection by having a date to create your unique method and path to disagreeing without becoming disagreeable. Use code CONNECT  to download as our gift

Cultivate Joy with this free  30 Day Infectious Joy devotional ebook, that features a verse a day and a way to process and personalize the verse to your life.

Pam will be offering a 7 week Simply Beautiful Life Mentoring Class for women authors, speakers, leaders in the near future. Email for more information. ONLY 12 SPOTS.Praying for you!

A person’s gift opens doors for him and brings him before the great.  (Proverbs 18:16 CSB)

Pam and Bill Farrel

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