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20 Ways to Wake Up Your Quiet Time

An excerpt from the new Woman of Influence (IVP) by Pam Farrel

  1. Make your prayer more concrete by writing it out as a letter to Jesus.
  2. Go on a prayer walk, talking to the Lord as you walk along.
  3. Pray through Scripture. Write out verses and personalize them with your name. For example, Psalm 84:11 (NASB): “No good thing does he withhold from Pam who walks uprightly.”
  4. Make a poster with one of your favorite verses on it. You may choose to take a photo and have it developed into a poster, then write the verse on the poster.
  5. Read the Bible through, mark it up and give it as a gift to a child. As you read, try to picture God through his or her eyes. Mark verses that you think will help the child in the transitions to come.
  6. Make “devotion baskets” and place them in several areas of your home. Decorate each basket and place in it a pen, a Bible, a devotional or inspirational book and paper.
  7. Sing for your entire time with God. You may want to try your hand at songwriting too.
  8. Dance before the Lord like David. Maybe you enjoy Jewish dancing or ballet. Dedicate your talent to Christ.
  9. Begin a miracle scrapbook. Keep photos and mementos that remind you of God’s grace to you.
  10. Write out a Philippians 4:8 list. What is lovely to you, worthy of praise, excellent and so on.
  11. Pray in a way you are not accustomed to. Try on your knees, or prone, or stand with your face to the heavens and your hands raised up in worship.
  12. Go to a Christian bookstore and try out a new Bible-study tool.
  13. Praise Jesus from A to Z. “Jesus, you are amazing, beautiful . . .”
  14. Try repeating every verse you have memorized, in order, from Genesis to Revelation.
  15. Stop at the first book you don’t have a verse from, and learn one.
  16. Make a list notebook. List areas of hurt or need in your life. As you come to a verse that shows how God can meet the need, write it down. You’re creating your own book of promises.
  17. Read your favorite hymn. Find the verse it was based on and try to find out the story behind it.
  18. Memorize one of the prayers in the Bible. Mary’s prayer in Luke 1:46-55 is a good start.
  19. Write out a list of theological questions you’d like answered. Choose one and start researching it.
  20. Exercise to Christian music.

Copyright © 2010 by Bill and Pam Farrel, reprint by permission only.

If you need a new devotional for your quiet time, here are three from Bill and Pam Farrel.

(Click on a book to order)

Copyright © 2010 by Bill and Pam Farrel, reprint by permission only.

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