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New Hope, New Goals, New Year!

  Each year I set aside time to spend with God, then my husband, reviewing last year, and planning for the one to come.  It helps me great the coming year with a smile. On, there is an article explaining our process. I also have posted our Your Best Year Ever! goal setting sheet. I am excited because already numerous leaders are emailing asking permission to use this in their Bible studies, with their boards and in their own marriages and personal lives. I think part of the power of the process of goalsetting for the New Year (rather than just tossing out your resolutions) is that Bill and I each also select a key word, a motto and a verse to keep focused on the new goals. Then we pull out the calendar and make time for our priorities. Right out of the gate in January we set in things like date nights, family holidays, ministry priorities, book deadlines, speaking engagements, as well as personal quiet time and workout regimens.

Here is my word, motto and verse for the coming year:

Viabilty (means worth doing)

All cylinders revin’ in 2011 (need all systems go to do it!)

“Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize?Run in such a way that you may win”  (1 Cor 9:24 NIV)

Or in simple terms from The Message: “Everyone runs; one wins. Run to win”

In several of my books for women, I help women gain needed clarity for life (run to win):

  • Woman of Influence: 10 Traits of those Who Want to Make a Difference*
    • Find your passion/calling
  • Woman of Confidence: Step Into God’s Adventure for Your Life *
    • Discover if your adventure is God’s Adventure for your life
  • 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make: Finding Your Plans in His Plan*
    • Uncover your uniqueness and create a workable plan for love and life
  • Fantastic After 40: A Savvy Woman’s Guide to Her Best Season of Life *
    • Discern how to maximize midlife and beyond

Grab a girlfriend*, or several, and dig in and make this your best year yet with a little help from a few tools and great guidance from the God who created you.  I LOVE encouraging and equipping women to be all God’s designed them to be! I will be posting things here to help you keep creating an amazing year. Stay tuned!

*Means small group study in the book. To order with a discount (use code “friend2”) @

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