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The Rest of Life can be the Best of Life!

The Rest of Life Can Be the Best of Life!

We love because He (God) first loved us.Today, (and tomorrow) we will are featured as guest experts on Managing Mid-Life on Focus on the Family radio. The most often word used alongside mid-life is crisis. But Mid-Life does NOT need to be a crisis. It can be an adventure! It can be a time of fruitfulness or blessing. With a little bit of preparation , mid-life can become a series of God ordained moments to actually look forward to! (There are many payoffs and precious moments in life’s second half: graduations, weddings, grandkids, travel, just to name a few)
We invite everyone to look listen to Focus on the Family, when we share honestly about some of the challenges of mid-life (changes, caregiving, your own health issues, dealing with prodigals,  etc)  But we will also share the HOPE and HELP God gives to help you reframe your mid-life into a grand adventure so you feel excited to get up and greet each new day, day after day.
We love because He (God) first loved us.

Here are a few resources that may aid you in the mid-life journey:

10 Secrets to Living Smart, Savvy and Strong – a book full of the essentials to bless and build women over 40.
10 Best Decisions a Couple Can Make– The behind the scenes wisdom to encourage and equip couples at EVERY stage of life.

Simply Beautiful Online Bible Study- Women at every stage of life will find skills to encourage, equip and enrich their lives thru this 7 week online Bible study with Pam. Mid-life women find that mid-life can be a  precious blank canvas, a time to re-invent herself, her life, her future, with God ’s guidance. Pick up a copy of 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman and join Pam’s online study (with private facebook group) and see how God will encourage, enrich and expand the horizons of your future too!

We love because He (God) first loved us.Last week, Pam taught a Discovering Hope in the Psalms women’s event. She shared one of her favorite verses from Psalms 71, often known as the Psalm of the aging. If you are in a tough spot today, this verse has buoyed up Pam and Bill much in recent years:

“You who have made me see many troubles and calamities WILL REVIVE me again; from the depths of the earth, you WILL BRING ME UP AGAIN, You WILL INCREASE MY GREATNESS and COMFORT me again” (Psalm 71:201-21 emphasis added)

When we were going through a strenuous year, while packing, moving, downsizing, selling our home and care-giving, this verse became a vision of the positive future God had for us on the road ahead. I was so determined to believe God would revive, uplift, increate our prosperity, and comfort us, that each time I put on my sunglasses, I would repeat the verse to boost my heart and spirits—and it worked! So when I drew this verse in my art Bible, writing it on the frames of sunglasses seemed fitting—and helped me hold on to hope! May our interview on Focus on the Family, some of our books and resources, the online bible study, and our prayers for you today, help lift your heart—and sight—so you can see the bright and beautiful future God has for you.
Bless you, your family… and all the days ahead

Pam and Bill Farrel

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