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What is a Christian Man?


What is a Christian Man…

My Mentor – Jim Conway

“A Christian man is more than a born-again human being with male sex organs.” I read these words in an article by Jim Conway entitled, The Making of a Christian Man and it got me to thinking, “What exactly is a Christian man?”I would love to hear what you all have to say on the subject so here are my thoughts on what it means. I think a Christian man is a man who is striving to discover the best of what it means to be strong, soft-hearted and a servant to others.

A Christian man is strong because he was infused by his Creator with the aggressive influence of testosterone. This remarkable hormone affects every cell in his body and impacts the size of his muscles, the structure of his brain and the things he finds satisfying. He looks to express this strength in every aspect of his life. He wants a career that makes him feel productive and significant. He may work hard with his hands or think intently with his mind. He may invent new products or apply established processes. Whether he leads or sells or works a routine job he will like himself better when he likes his job. He may also be drawn to some kind of a hobby that makes him feel successful. Some men fish, work on cars, explore their computers, compete in athletic leagues or work on projects to give expression to the strength that resides inside them. Verses that call him to “be strong and courageous” (Joshua 1:9) are easy to relate to.

Bill with youngest son, Caleb, at the Mount of Olives

Because a man is designed for strength, at some point in his life God will call him out to be involved with something that is bigger than him. Consider Abraham in Genesis 12. Abraham was participating in a very ordinary day tackling very ordinary responsibilities when God said to him, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.” (v. 1) Can you imagine the questions that would have flooded your mind if God said this to you?

“Where are we going?” “I will show you as we go.”
“When do we leave?” “As soon as you can get ready.”
“Who is going to tell Sarah?” “You are!”

LOL.  God had just looked Abraham in the eyes and called him out. God knows that us men rely on our strength and will settle for less than God’s best unless we are challenged to do something bigger than us that forces us to cry out for his help.The first question, therefore, that we need to ask ourselves as Christian men is, “Are we ready for God to call us out?”

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