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The Selah Secret: Creating Your Productivity Process

Are you looking for ways to RAISE your SERENITY and LOWER the STRESS both professionally and personally?

Like you, life’s responsibilities sometimes come at us at break-neck speed, so how can we balance and carry it all? I am often asked how I have managed to write over 55 books, all while enjoying a marriage that has lasted 42 years, raising three sons who have become strong, godly leaders while my husband, Bill and I have ministered through church ministry and our Love-Wise organization.

One of the secrets to our success, both personally and professionally, is our “Monday Morning Marriage Meet Up”  where we have

“coffee and conversation to create connection” 

We have  met weekly for over 40 years! During the “pandemic pivot and pause” we decided to create the His and Hers set, Marriage Meet Up Devotional Planner for Couples who Want More Passion, Purpose and Productivity.   

However, there is something that happens the day before, on Sunday, that sets the table for success in our Monday Meet Up.

While researching for Discovering Hope in the Psalms: A Creative Bible Study Experience, I was reminded of David’s priority of Selah.

Selah means “a pause to ponder” and the word occurs seventy-one times in the Psalms.

When God repeats himself, that is an indication of a heaven-sent priority. Selah is often cited as a musical interlude or intermission. One tip that has upped my productivity and fostered more peace at home and work is to have a “personal party” each week, that I now call: Selah Sunday.

Your Selah Sabbath

Several years ago, I was desiring more balance, more productivity, and more peace in my work/life journey, so I took the example of the “Selah”  and decided to take time each Sunday afternoon or early evening to pray, plan and prepare for the week ahead. Eventually, this turned into me creating a planner, first for myself, then for others to use to bring more serenity and sanity to their lives as well. The Get It Done, Girl!: Maximize Your Moments Action Planner  has an introduction that equip a woman to live her best life, then there is a unique two-page spread that helps a women organize her life by “verbs” like read, buy, create, call, do, etc. This helps her do a “mind dump” and get all the tasks and priorities down on paper so items are less likely to fall through the cracks.

The other two-page spread is the Selah Sabbath “pause to ponder”

Take a few minutes each week to complete the Selah process and listen to what God desires to enlighten you about the prior week then how he wants to encourage, equip, and inspire you for the week ahead. My Selah observation includes:

    • Praise: List off the good things you accomplished, answers to prayers, and things for which you are grateful.
    • Pray: Record the items or people you are carrying on your heart. In prayer, place these burdens in God’s care.
    • Ponder: What obstacles did you overcome? What adjustments did you make, or do you need to make to better succeed in God’s calling?
    • Power up: Choose a verse and/or quote that will be an inspiration to you in the coming week.
    • Plan: Jot down priority tasks, activities and appointments that need prepared for. Then block out the time to accomplish these priorities.
    • Party! Write down your “big win” of the last week. Select a simple way to celebrate the goodness of God. This celebration can be a simple as listening to a favorite song, taking a nap or a sunset stroll.

Each week, before you take action on your TO DO list, pray God leads you moment by moment. The Lord wants you to succeed in living the abundant, meaningful, and thriving life he has planned for you.

…I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]. – Jesus in John 10:10 AMP


Pam Farrel is author or coauthor of 57 books including bestselling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti and her newest Discovering the Good News In John: A Creative Bible Study Experience (coauthored with Jean E Jones and Karla Dornacher. Published by Harvest House).

Extras for the Get It Done, Girl: Maximize Your Moments Action Planner:

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See Pam’s 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman: Success In Keeping It All Together for more on productivity. To connect to the Farrels: 


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