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Valentine Ideas to Bless the Single Mom

With the stores filled with cards, chocolates, and lingerie, Valentine’s Day can feel to the single mom like single awareness day. However, Saint Valentine was a priest who, with strength and integrity, gave his life in love and protection for others. Valentine’s Day is perfect for celebrating the dedicated and hard-working single mom and her family. 

What the Church Can Do

  • Have a Valentine’s Party for kids with plenty of physical activity and opportunity to make a card for parents while mom attends a Bible study focusing on God’s love.
  • Provide childcare during church events, making attending easy for solo parents. What a comfort to sit for an hour and be spiritually fed, knowing the children are with caring adults.
  • Send a Valentine card from the church or Sunday school class with a gift card for gas, groceries, or oil change for her car.
  • Match the single parent family with an older couple who can help with homework, listen to the child read, and offer a listening ear when mom is making decisions.


What Friends and Family Can Do

  • Nurture body and soul by inviting a single mom and her family for dinner and family games.
  • Drop off a meal and a table game. 
  • Do something fun with the kids while mom goes to the gym, gets her hair done, has coffee with a friend, or takes an overdue nap. Could you do this monthly, enriching the lives of the children and giving mom opportunity to refresh?
  • Send flowers with a note.


What Mom Can Do For Herself

  • Make a list of the people in your circle who are special to you and your child. Send them a corny Valentine greeting.
  • Invite your gal pals and their kids for a Galentine Party. No cleaning ahead of time for this stress-free event. Spread paper, glue sticks, and scissors for kids and parents to make cards. Take turns reading aloud favorite children’s books. Serve popcorn. 
    • Perhaps have participants put in a few dollars to hire a Mary Poppins style babysitter to play with the children while parents watch a movie, make a craft, and remind one another how much God loves you.
    • Everyone brings ingredients for a recipe. Together, assemble the recipes and send moms home with prepared dishes to use during the week or freeze for later.
  • Give yourself the night off. Tuck your kids in bed, give yourself an at home spa night with facial, bubble bath, mani/pedi. Listen to calming instramental praise music,  curl up with your Bible and a journal then read thru the Psalms and jot down verses that help you capture God’s tremendous love for you! 

                      Praise be to the Lord,  for he showed me the wonders of his love…Psalm 31:21

Valentine’s Day is a sweet opportunity to acknowledge that love and commitment is a sacrifice worth making and celebrating. Remember the people in your life that you love and that love you.


For more ideas, see The Ten Best Decisions A Single Mom Can Make by Pamela Farrel and PeggySue Wells, listen to the podcast, Fresh Ways With Valentine’s Day, and visit Single Mom


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