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Buddy Up!

“Then Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself.” (1 Samuel 18:3)

A wonderful picture of joyful friendship in difficult times is Jonathan and David. Saul is king, and Jonathan, his son, is in line to take over the throne. Saul disobeys God, so God removes the throne from Saul (and his family) God sends Samuel to anoint David as the next king. King Saul was out to kill David, and David was in hiding. Jonathan was a God-honoring man in a quandary: Should he be loyal to his dad, who was disloyal to God, or should he be loyal to his friend, who was loyal to God?

David, a leader of legions of soldiers, had the opportunity  to kill Saul, but he held himself back, allowing God’s timing to rule his destiny. So now, innocent David and his troops are on the run from Saul, but Jonathan manages to track David down. 1  Samuel 18:3-4 picks up the story:

Then Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself. Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was on him and gave it to David, with his armor, including his sword and his bow and his belt.”

His Robe: This denoted Jonathan’s identity, son of the King. When Jonathan gave David his robe, it was Jonathan’s way of saying, “I see you as God’s elect. I will follow you.”

His Armor: This was symbolic of his new priority to protect David’s life over his own. The sword signified Jonathan saying, “I will defend you.”

His Bow: As an implement of hunting for daily nutritional provisions, symbolized Jonathan saying, “I will look out for your basic needs.”

His Belt: Jonathan indicated, “I will hold you up. If other people malign you, attack you, or seek to harm you, I will not. I will live to hold you in high esteem and will seek to influence others to do the same.”

Buddy Up: Give the gift of loyalty, to a friend or church leader, and select something you own as a symbol of faithful support and encouragement, then give with your words of affirmation.

Pam Farrel is the founder of Seasoned Sisters. Sistering is a building term that shares the word picture of hammering two by fours together so they can bear more weight around doorways, windows and on bearing walls.  This blog is an excerpt from 10 Secrets of Living Smart, Savvy and Strong, a book for women in life’s part B and a handbook for Seasoned Sisters. Pam is the author of 58 books and Co-Director of Love-Wise 

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