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Bill and Pam Farrel, International Speakers, Best-Selling Authors & Relationship Specialists

Bill and Pam

Bill and Pam are prolific conference and church communicators. They speak together at marriage and parenting conferences with a unique ability to “speak as one” in all their presentations. Bill helps people gain strength and real-world wisdom through messages at men’s retreats and church services. Pam equips and encourages women to be courageous, influential and strong in faith at women’s gatherings around the world.

Join us on our adventure!

We live a rather unconventional life. We spend about 200 days per year traveling to conferences for men, women and couples. We meet fascinating people, eat at interesting places and experience every climate imaginable. And, when we are home, we live on a boat in Southern California. Through our videos and blogs, we would like to take you with us.

Wisdom for your relationships

Like many of you, we got married because we loved each other and shared a common faith in Jesus. We believed we could make it work even though we were painfully aware we didn’t know much about marriage. For us, that awareness created a passion to figure out how relationships work. We discovered effective and simple skills through interaction with real world couples and extensive research.  We concluded that anyone can have successful relationships so we’ve devoted our lives to sharing the practical skills we learned with as many people as possible. We are excited that you are joining us in discovering how to make all your relationships work better.

Why We Want Partners

We discovered a number of simple skills that transformed our experience. Statistically, we should have been a troubled couple who took out our frustrations on each other. Instead, we have connected our hearts in a trusting and highly effective bond. We want to share these skills with as many people as possible and you can help by choosing a membership level that will benefit you and open the door for others to add wisdom to their love.

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Keep up to date with Bill and Pam and their fun-filled travels. Weekly video blog updates, articles, event locations, special event announcements and information that interested you. Free membership.


$1.98 mo.

Includes all digital resources plus downloadable sermon podcasts, video presentations, audio training, worksheets available on our site. Members also receive discounted pricing in the store.


Resource Membership
$4.19 mo.

Includes all the resources listed in the Digital Membership plus you will also receive every new book authored by Bill and Pam Farrel automatically mailed to you the month it is released. Also discounts in the Love-Wise store.


Developer Membership
$22.22 mo.

All Membership benefits plus a monthly book (a new Farrel book or a book from one of their friends) sent to you each month. Your investment will also help Bill and Pam have time to mentor up and coming speakers and authors.

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