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Pam Farrel, author/co-author
of over 50 books!

Two phrases sum up Pam’s approach to life:

Choosing Joy!

One ordinary woman connected to the extra-ordinary God can make difference!

These sayings captured Pam’s heart because they sum up her experience. “I am the first-born daughter of an alcoholic father with severe rage issues. I often thought our family would make the headlines but for all the wrong reasons. When I was 8 years-old, however, a family friend saw the chaos we were living in and invited us to attend church with her. There I saw what real love looked like.”

Having discovered peace and focus in her life, she is motivated to help women everywhere uncover their potential through a life of confidence and courage.

Her writing career began shortly after she began attending church as a child. She wrote her first book under a tree on her family farm. As an adult, she has published more than 40 books including the best-seller Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti, 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman, Becoming a Brave New Woman, Devotions for Women on the Go!, Got Teens? (co-authored with Jill Savage), 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband; Red Hot Romance Tips for Women, 10 Secrets for Living Smart, Savvy and Strong and most recently Discovering Creative Bible Study Experience books: Discovering Hope in the Psalms, Discovering Joy in Philippians, Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament – release date October, 2019 and 2 future Discovering books (co-authored with Jean E. Jones and Karla Dornacher).

Pam is an engaging and energetic leader who has impacted women’s lives with her experience as an international speaker, Director of Women’s Ministry, radio co-host, newspaper columnist, pastor’s wife, youth leader and mentor.

One of her unique abilities is to write and teach alongside her husband, Bill. Together they have authored many marriage and family books, including the best-selling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti; Red Hot Monogamy; Secret Language of Successful Couples; 10 Best Decisions a Couple Can Make; A Couple’s Journey with God; and 10 Best Decisions a Parent Can Make. Together they have taught thousands around the world how to add wisdom to their most important relationships.

Her books lay a terrific foundation for messages at special events, one day conferences and full weekend retreats. She can adapt and dovetail messages to fit your desired goals or theme.

Pam has been endorsed by leaders, speakers and writers such as: Kay Arthur, Anita Renfroe, Carol Kent, Michelle McKinny Hammond, Jill Savage, Sharon Jaynes, Kerri Pomarolli, Stormie Omaritian, Jill Briscoe, Kathi Lipp, Fern Nichols, Shanti Feldhan, Darlene Schacht, J.P. Moreland PHD, Gary Chapman PhD, Kevin Leman PhD, Dr David Jeremiah, Dr. Ed Hindson, Lysa TerKeurst , Ron and Ann Mainse, Leslie Vernick, Donna Jones, Sean McDowell, PhD; Linda Evans Shepherd, Craig Hazen PhD, Jim Burns, Chad Eastham, Frank Pastore, Mitch Temple, Steve Arterburn, Carole Lewis, Kendra Smiley, Janet McHenry, Wendy Speake, Lucinda Mc Dowell, Denise Hughes, Grace, Fox, Clay Jones PhD, Karen Porter, Cynthia Ruchti, Pat Layton, Kenny Luck, Becky Harling, Jane Rubietta, Rhonda Rhea, Kathy Howard, Shannon Primicero,,  Christin Ditchfield, Patsy Clairmont , Arlene Pellicane , Dr. Chris and Alisa Grace, Marcia Ramsland,  Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Laura Petherbridge and many others.

Pam speaks on many different subjects and to a wide variety of audiences: women, moms, parents, couples, singles, leaders, students, as well as audiences from business, military, community and church.  She can customize a message for your event or retreat theme.

This message is a “best of” all the many principles, truths and insights Pam has taught over the years that help women see themselves, their lives, their relationships, and their calling and career from God’s point of view. These messages help women envision the “future and hope” God has in store for them, then set and achieve goals to reach their God-given potential. Pam has broken down life’s complex questions and concerns into simple steps, simple skills, and simple decision- making tools that create a pathway to success. Her book, and these messages help women lower stress and raise the enjoyment of life and their relationships.  These messages are themed around Proverbs 19:8 “The one who gets wisdom loves life…” and include scripture to help a woman accumulate wisdom for her life.

The 7 Simple Skills for Success are:

Steadfast (RELIABLE)
Knowledgeable (WISER)
Intentional (PROACTIVE)
Lively (HEALTHY)
Effective (PRODUCTIVE)
Discerning (DECISIVE)

This can be a stand-alone message, a Friday eve- Saturday workshop, a one-day conference or full weekend retreat.

These messages are derived from Pam’s book by the same title. Each presentation is based on one of the four chapters of the book of Ruth. In this series, Pam will help women live lives of integrity and step out in “God-sized” confidence to be difference-makers. Sprinkled throughout are pieces of all of Pam’s books for women as she addresses issues in the areas of personal growth, marriage, singleness and family. Women who attend this seminar will:

  • Learn the STEP method of moving forward in life
  • Be empowered by God’s greatness.
  • Define what makes life meaningful for them.
  • Stand confident in the face of obstacles.
  • Move their lives forward no matter the challenge.
  • Live a life of faith that their children will want to follow.
  • Become someone others look up to.
  • Discover the strength to follow-through on important goals.
  • Boost energy to pursue their passions and dreams
  • Wake up with enthusiasm for the day.

These messages, based on the book by the same title, help women see themselves from God’s point of view. This is a felt- need message set that uses scriptures to explain a woman’s identity in Christ. Women who attend this seminar will:

  • Lower your stress and raise your enjoyment level in life
  • Make the most of every season of life— from 16 to 96!
  • Choose joy no matter what life sends your way
  • Implement creative tips for children, teens, young adults so they reach their full potential
  • Enhance your marriage or dating life
  • Discover a calmer, more peaceful way to live
  • Take better care of yourself so you can better care for those you love
  • Connect to God in a more meaningful and personal way
  • Create a path of hope to overcome any obstacle
  • Head home with more peace, hope, and happiness to live out a life to look forward to.

These messages taken from her book, Woman of Influence: 10 Traits of Those Who Want to Make a Difference, are timely messages for women of all ages and stages. They are especially fitting if you are building your women’s ministry, growing a church or establishing the framework and leadership base needed to handle growth or create it! The fruit of this set of messages is more women with a heart to serve! It is Pam’s most asked for set. Women who attend this seminar will:

  • Discover her unique calling in life.
  • Learn to be more effective with less stress.
  • Persevere through situations that are unpleasant.
  • Overcome their past to build a strong future
  • Build better friendships.
  • Experience less “drama” in her life.
  • Find the secrets for “hanging in there” no matter what life sends
  • Raise their confidence level.

Christmas Options

  • Merry and Bright: Hope for the Holi-daze
    • Drawn from Discovering Hope in the Psalms book, Pam’s own holiday experiences that brought her hope from heaven and weaves the Christmas story into the lives of women to bring hope to their hearts
  • Christmas Light
    • Given with an advent wreath and based on Is 9:6 Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
  • Christmas Joy
    • A lighter holiday message mixing the best of Pam’s insights for women from a variety of her books, woven with true Christmas stories, and family building Christmas traditions with a large dose of humor

Spring Tea Options

  • Simply Beautiful (from Pam’s 7 Simple Skills book)
  • Brave and Beautiful (from Pam’s Brave New Woman book)
  • Choosing Joy! (the best of several of Pam’s books mixed with a large dose of humor and real-life experiences from Pam and many other women’s lives where choosing joy moved a woman’s life toward God and produced positive forward movement)
  • Best Decisions a Woman Can Make- vital life building principles from Pam’s many Best Decisions series (for women, singles, couples, parents, graduates, etc.)
  • Success in Every Season (Looks at the many seasons of a woman’s life and how to be successful at every age and stage)

Seminar Options

10 Best Decisions a Parent Can Make: Celebrate the Treasure of Your Child

Best Decisions a Mom Can Make

Celebrate Women or Hats Off to Women: (These are snapshots of 3 of Pam’s books for Women).

  • Woman of Influence: Influence Illustrations
  • Woman of Significance: Identity in Christ action steps
  • Woman of Confidence: Integrity to make dreams come true

Leadership Lessons: How to be a Leader

  • The Mind of a Leader (How to create confidence in God and yourself so others will follow)
  • The Marriage of a Leader (How to create and keep connection)
  • The Journey of a Leader (How to adapt and lead during all seasons of your life and family)
  • The Heart of a Leader (How to maintain integrity and influence)

Moms Matter!

Wow Wife!

10 Best Decisions a Parent Can Make: The Treasure of Your Child

Celebrate Women or Hats Off to Women

Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti: Girl Talk

Red Hot Monogamy: Put a Smile on Your Husband’s Face

Journey of Freedom: (Pam’s testimony of overcoming and achieving God’s way)

Your Unique Journey: (Pam’s tips on finding and living out your unique passion)

Passion in the Parsonage: Love in the Fast Lane

Marriage, Ministry and Motherhood

Secrets of Success

Woman of Influence/ Heart of a Woman

How to Put a Smile on His Face/ or Fan the Flame

Families in the Fast Lane

The Gift Gives Back

The Gift (Pam’s testimony)

Marriage in the Whirlwind: Finding and keeping love when your family is in the fast lane

Love to Love You or Celebrate Love:

Three Keys to Unlock Love

Why Men and Women Act the Way They Do! (Answering the question: Why did you do that?)

Ministry Minded Marriage (Your Love: A Light House)

Raising an M.V. P (Most Valuable Person)

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