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Are You Flourishing?

I am just 2 days away from speaking for the Flourish Conference for Women (on Nov 2, 2013).

Why would I take time to team together with my friends,

Dr Catherine Hart Weber, the author of the book, Flourish,

and her sister, Dr Sylvia Hart Friejd, the author of Digital Invasion, to create another conference for women?

I want women to:

Flourish: to bud, spring up, grow, bloom, increase, thrive, prosper, blossom abundantly

This verse compelled me to create ways to flourish for women:

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men”. (Luke 2:52)

See women have a very difficult time balancing all of life demands– and a very hard time giving themselves permission to take good care of themselves. However, even Jesus modeled a balanced approach to life– as shown in this verse:

Jesus increases in wisdom     (guarded his intellectual life)

and stature  (guarded his physical life)

and in favor with God   (guarded his spiritual life)

and men   (guarded his social life)

At the Flourish conference, I will be sharing from my book, 10 Secrets of Living Smart, Savvy and Strong— because I really believe this world needs YOU- your family needs you, your church and community needs you– this country and the people around the globe need you– that is why God created you, wonderful unique amazing you!

So each of you need the tools to Flourish.

And a flourishing experience.

A time with God where God can GIVE you a personalized plan to help YOU flourish in all areas of your life.

If you live in So Cal, come Nov 2 to the Flourish conference.

If you can’t afford the flight to be there live, set aside a day for you and God to have a “spa for soul day” Take your Bible, set by a pool or next to a cozy fire, take one (or all the books we Flourish authors penned) and God will meet you and help you flourish too. 

Place yourself in God’s hammock of love and care.

He will give you a personal plan to Flourish.

Take the time- God thinks you are worth it!

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