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Decisions Reduce Drama!


Wow, this world needs some help in decision making! Recently, I felt a clash of value systems and the pressing need to mentor and create more women who are bright lights of hope in a world of foolish decisions and crazy beliefs. It all happened on one day. It started innocently enough with a hair cut appointment. I had received a coupon for free haircut, and when I arrived, this seemingly successful woman business owner, began sharing her  story as she cut my hair. She was a mom of several tween and teen kids and she was obviously very pregnant by her live-in boyfriend. My heart broke for those kids who had a mom who had lost her inner compass and sacrificed being a good role model for her own sexual needs. I thought of the contrast to the wisdom on raising teens in Got Teens? or 10 Best Decisions a Parent Can Make, or the precious Rite of Passage celebration in Raising a Modern Day Princess.

How can we hope to raise children to make wise choices if we are not willing to make them ourselves? I listened attentively and gave encouragement to seek premarital counsel and head toward marriage which seemed to be her plan and hope too. But what I knew she really needed was Jesus, so I shared my story of looking for love as a college student and only Jesus filling that need.

Then I went to a nail appointment. This is often a place where value systems clash. One day two loud intoxicated women with very low necklines, very high hems and even higher heels came in swearing and talking about things very inappropriate for a public place. I even spoke up to remind them of young ears that were within earshot. My requests for decorum, along with simultaneous pleas of the mom of the teen girls near were rebuffed.   I listened to one of the young woman lie to her fiancé about her plans that night. (“I am going to dinner with my parents” she told her fiancé and I had just heard her boisterously blaring her party plan with girlfriends to meet up with men and bar hop.) If I thought I could have been heard, I would have yelled to her fiancé on the phone, “Run from this toxic woman!”

That was a more unusual day in the beauty shop, but this day, after my haircut, the attack on traditional values was more subtle. It was a simple channel change on the TV from the local news to a soap opera. Seems with all the drama that regularly comes into the business, to select TV that might give wisdom might be a better choice than more of the same drama!

So it was with a welcome relief that afternoon to spend time with my mentee, Renee Johnson, at a shower I threw her. Renee, who has just turned 30, got engaged and is weeks away from her wedding. Renee is one of those young leaders who has sacrificed and taken the high road in ministry and in relationships.  Her book, The Faithbook of Jesus is a twist on the popular Facebook with the goals of giving a 365 devotional that her generation might read and then grow deeper in their walk with God.  (more by Renee:  After a morning of drama, Renee’s integrity was a breath of fresh air, so I wanted you to meet her, because you might see her writing as a tool to help the next generation out of their drama and into dedication to God.  As the author of 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make, I am always encouraged when I meet a woman making good choices, or women like you, helping other women make wise choices too! Today when you see drama, try to give direction, you might just rescue a woman out of the soap opera or reality TV of her own life.

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