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How to Build a Simply Beautiful Life (Plus a BIG Exciting announcement!)

I love fall. The joy of traveling to speak is I get to see the leaves change colors and  become breath-takingly beautiful! I believe EACH and EVERY woman is a BEAUTIFUL creation of God. And I love to think that we women can also, change, and in God’s hands, He transforms us, and our lives into His simply beautiful design, and helps us reach our God-given potential and LIVE the lives we dream of.

Would you like a Simply Beautiful Life? There are 7 core areas of life, if running well, will propel a woman forward in her life. Picture life like the spokes of a bike wheel, if each spoke is strong, the cyclist can maintain forward movement, take in refreshing scenery, travel to beautiful places, as she peddles towards her hopes, dreams, goals— and ARRIVES at her God-given destination! However, if any of these spokes break, the wheel goes flat and a woman can find herself STUCK in life.  The SimplyBeautiful Facebook Live Studyis based on Pam’s most recent book for women, 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman: Success In Keeping It All Together and is a celebratio n of the God-given plan and potential the Creator has placed inside every woman. The Simply Beautiful Facebook Live Studywill also equip each woman with simple skills to grasp and live out her unique calling
Proverbs 19:8 tells us, “The one who gets wisdom loves life…” – and each of us want to love life, right?  The Simply Beautiful study helps you gain the wisdom you want and need to not just survive but thrive.
We are all in the process of becoming our best self, and sometimes we just need a little help to breakthrough to God’s best. The Simply Beautiful studyis aimed at equipping each woman:

  • Better hear and discern God’s plan for her life
  • Hone decision-making skills
  • Enrich personal relationships with family, friends and coworkers
  • Care for her own health as she is caring for those she loves
  • Identify her hopes and dreams then set achievable goals
  • Simplify her life to lower stress and raise enjoyment
  • Overcome setbacks, obstacles, and emotional baggage to live free
  • Grow closer to God and gain creative Bible study skills
  • Create her own personal plan for success to live out her God-given destiny

The 7 week online class will include Facebook Live teaching from author Pam Farrel, interactions in the private Facebook group (after you register, we will email you an invitation to join the Facebook group) and weekly emails for 7 weeks with EXTRA goodies to build and bless you as you take this simply beautiful journey with God. Sign up today and let God build and bless, encourage and equip you to become all you were designed to be and gain the simple skills to live out your SimplyBeautiful life.
Register for the Simply Beautiful Online Class $10
Buy the 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman: Success in Keeping It All Together book $10

Simply Adventurous MidLife!

Often people accociate the “crisis” with midlife—but it doesn’t have to be a crisis! With a few wise and simple choices, midlife can be an adventure. Yes, it can include challenges of care giving, job change and empty nest issues, but it can also include the blessings of seeing your adult kids launch, marry, new family members, then grandkids! Midlife can become a beautiful blank canvass and you can design and create a simply beautiful second half of life. The rest CAN be the best. Listen in to our interview on Tackling Midlife on  Focus on the Family Oct 9 and 10 and gain HOPE and HELP for your future! (Day 1) and (Day 2).

(Photo of Bill and Pam by Rebecca Friedlander, author of a soon to be released book: Finding Beautiful)

THIS IS US TV is just ONE example in our life of a fun new adventure. Our friends Ron and Ann Mainse, and Danielle and Dan Macaulay(the musician  we often travel and do romantic date nights with) Have a FABULOUS TV show in its SECOND season! We are guest Relationship Experts on their show! (Watch all the episodes at

We are on the first three episodes of season 2!

Also, hear us talk about Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti and how this can help YOUR marriage on Craig Carlisle show:

Simply Hopeful!

Pam and her coauthors (Jean E Jones and Karla Dornacher) were awarded BEST BIBLE STUDY of 2019 for Discovering Hope in the Psalms: A Creative Bible StudyExperience (Harvest House Publishers)  by AWSA (Advanced Women Authors and Speakers Association—their PEERs—350+ professional experienced women authors!)  Click to see the complete list of winners. If you and your church would like to journey through this exciting, unique bible study, learn more at and for discounts on buying for your group, email

Read a few devotions Pam wrote from this creative Bible study: Psalm 23 (Upgrade Your Life), Discovering Hope, Choosing Joy! (Body and Soul),  Coloring, You Convinced Me! (I Choose My Best Life)

Simply Beautiful New Farrel!

Yes, this is our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!) Here is a photo of 3 generations of awesome Farrel men! Bill means “guardian of the gospel Zachmeans “the Lord has remembered” Zeke (derived from Ezekiel”)  means “the Lord has strengthened” or “the Lord makes strong” and may God do just that! Join us in praying the Lord’s favor over Zeke, that he may come to know Jesus early and walk with him strongly and be used by God mightily, like the prophet Ezekiel.

The root word in Ezekiel in Hebrew is “chazaq

Here is just ONE of the verses that contains that beautiful word chazaq, and we will pray it for you, and will you pray it for our new grandson? “They are Your servants and Your people whom you redeemed by your great power and by your stronghand. “ (Neh 1:10)

Simply connected!

We would LOVE for you to be a part of our Living Love-Wise Community, so you can gain MORE encouragement, equipping and enrichment for your relationships, marriage, family and life! Simply go to www.Love-Wise.comand click the subscribe button and select a membership level that best suits your family. This is also one way you can support the ongoing work we are doing here at

May God bless you and all those you love!

Pam and Bill Farrel




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