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Love is So Tweet!

We just celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary. Our journey began in Bakersfield, CA and we currently live on a live aboard boat in Oxnard, CA. We hope to share a few things that worked for us with the prayer they will also work for you!

I (Pam) penned devotionals for  Discovering Wisdom in Proverbs this past year (releases July 2024). So I am very inspired by wisdom delivered in nugget form.

Our theme verse for Love-Wise and our Non Profit Proverbs 19:8 is”

“The one who gets wisdom loves life.”

and our life verse for our marriage is 1 John 4:19:

We love because He [God] first loved us. 

We thought we would share some love “hacks” or short bits of advice from some of our 58 books. We will keep them short, so they could be shared on Twitter or other social media, because after all,

Love is so “Tweet”!

From Bill: (These are the most quoted insights from Bill when doing life-coaching)

If you want to change the way you feel, make a decision. Your emotions always follow your decisions”

“You are one breakthrough away from having a great relationship. Hang in until you see the breakthrough”

“If you want to keep the spark alive, stay curious.”

“The real goal of conflict is to rediscover what you love about each other.”

“Give your spouse the same grace you give yourself”

“There has never been a couple like you. So find your rhythm and find you call and live it out.”

“Celebrate every victory, no matter how small.”

From Pam: (Many are excerpts from 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband book)

“Men go to their favorite easy boxes to rest and recharge. These boxes are shaped like boxes: The TV, iphone, football field, garage, baseball diamond, soccer goal and pool table are all shaped like boxes!”

“When your marriage is struggling, take a trip down Memory Lane. Go back to the place you met, had your first date, first kissed, where the proposal took place or where you honeymooned” 

“Be kind. Most marriages can be improved if each spouse decides just to be nicer!”

“Pray together and pray for one another daily.”

“When you hit a rough patch, pray and ask God for His point of view. Ask for God’s wisdom”

“If you want to create a memorable date, use all 5 senses and it will stick in your spouse’s mind.”

“Be humble. Be willing. Be joyful. Be romantic.”

“Make time for one another. Most couples are starved for quality relaxed time to connect heart to heart, body to body.” 


Bill and Pam Farrel international speakers, authors of 58 books and reside on a live aboard boat docked in southern CA. Together they Co-Direct Love-Wise ministries.






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