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Make Your Summer Count: Ideas to Enrich Your Life and Relationships

Summer brings with it, longer days, so more daylight to give you time to accomplish tasks on your To Dolist AND still give you plenty of time for making memories with family and friends! Here are a few ways to maximize your summer TIME:

TIME for the Kids

We always used our summer days to prepare for a successful school year.  July 17 and 18 we can help prepare you if you will listen tour interview on  Focus on the Familyon Intentional Parenting. We will be sharing positive, proactive and proven tools and tips for parenting kids cradle thru college, from our books  10 Best Decisions a Parent Can Makeand 10 Questions Kids Ask About Sex: Answers to Have Ready.

One example of making summer count in your family is to maximize those summer days by leaving your TradeMark ™ on the hearts of your kids with

Traditions: Yearly Father- son adventure trips, Grandkids Camp, summer family camps (next year we speak for Forest Home). Traditions are things you do, year after year, that become woven into your family legacy

Memories: Right of Passage (like a Raising a Modern Day Princess7 week study then personalized rite of passage celebration for girls or a Walk Into Manhoodfor guys). We also used summertime for strategic getaways to have those “Birds and Bees” developmental talks (We give you a series of talking points for various ages and stages in our book 10 Questions Kids Ask About SexMemories are more once or a few times in a life time kind of activities.

TIME for Success

I have a special, unique opportunity for just 4 more womento create a SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL SUMMER through a  Zoom Face to Face small group: You will use the Zoom AP, so you can talk face to face with Pam and other group members. This is also a great forum for moving your goals forward this summer as this small group setting gives great prayer and encouragement support. (Only 9 women will be in this up close and personal group with Pam, so register ASAP to hold your spot!)  Tuesdays 5:05pm PT

Register for Zoom Face to Face study            Order 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman book

(If you are a member of the Love-Wise community, you receive discounts on books, resources and studies. Once you become a member, once you click to place a product in the shopping cart, discount will be automatically applied)

Aug 27 Pam will speak on Discovering HOPEat a women’s night out at Calvary Oceanside

TIME for Love

If you missed Pam and Bill’s interview on their book Red Hot Monogamyon Focus on the Family, here are the links to their 2 days that will help you keep your marriage sizzling hot! Day 1   Day 2

Summer is also a great time to getaway and have a romantic rendezvous! In our book, Red Hot Monogamy, we give you 8 types of getaways to enrich and encourage your marriage. Like the many facets on a diamond, so marital intimacy has many facets. For example, if you are arguing over money, or how to raise the kids, there won’t be much happening behind the bedroom door. We give you a weekend getaway plan for each of the 8 vital areas of intimacy. You can create a private marriage enrichment escape that can help you make forward movement in your marriage—while having some fun in the sun too!

We also have a few opportunities for you to join us at LIVE marriage enhancing events:

· Aug 19 Bill and Pam speak in worship services at Bridge Church, Reno Ca

TIME for Singles

If you are looking for QUALITY time with other Christians who happen to be single, and want God’s very best for their lives, we are speaking at  “Chasing What Matters”  Singles conferenceSaturday Aug 14, in So Ca. Or gather your friends and host a small group study using one of our books for singles: Single Men Are Like Waffles, Single Women Are Like Spaghettior 10 Best Decisions a Single Can Make.

TIME for Community

Summer is a terrific time for those back yard bbq’s, deep spiritual talks and singing worship around the campfire, or prayer walks around the lake or on the beach. Make a list of those you wish you had more time with and invite them to enjoy one of your favorite summer activities with you. (For example, when Pam is looking for quality time with one of her friends, she will often go kayaking with her).

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Praying for you and those you love:

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart…”(Eccl. 3:11)

Bless you our friends!

Pam and Bill Farrel

The one who gets wisdom LOVES life!(Proverbs 19:8)

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