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Prayer Matters

The Best Decisions Every Parent Can Make: Prayer Matters!

We believe that prayer is the most strategic parenting technique any parent can utilize. We have made a habit of using the words of the Bible to form prayer requests for our kids and, out of curiosity, have kept track of the results. Here is one of the prayers we prayed consistently for our oldest son,


God, give him the faith of a Daniel or a Joseph. Give him the courage to stand alone for You.

Give him the integrity and wisdom to choose well in his relationships as you lead him to the godly woman he will marry someday.

Does God answer when we partner with Him in prayer? You be the judge. We attended Brock‟s first varsity football game at which he was the starting quarterback. He was only a junior but God had already used him to bring many of his friends to faith in Christ.

As a freshman, Brock wanted to make a positive difference so we encouraged him to host three pizza parties for the three teams he was on. At those parties Brock shared his personal testimony and gave his friends an opportunity to meet Christ. By the end of his freshman year, 34 of his friends had made decisions for Christ. Realizing they needed to be followed up so they could grow with God, Brock contacted FCA and launched a club on the campus his sophomore year.

Brock wanted to make a public statement for his faith so he called up his buddies on the team and said, “This week, after we beat Fallbrook, I‟m going to the 50 yard line to pray. Will you join me?”

They all said, “We‟re there for ya, man!”

Bill and I prayed with Brock that morning. Then my Moms In Touch prayer group prayed for the team later that morning. That night, Brock‟s team lost 38-0. The guys al just wandered off the field—all except Brock who went straight to the 50 yard line and knelt down–all alone. Standing near my husband, I said to Bill, “Honey, he‟s all alone! Should I run down and pray with him? My wise husband said, “Oh yeah, Pam, that‟s what the varsity quarterback wants—his mommy to come rescue him!”

Just then I remembered the prayer we had prayed years ago. Help him stand alone for you, God. And now he was. God answers prayer. Soon, three players from the opposing team joined Brock at the fifty.

After the game some of Brock‟s youth leaders from Student Venture and Fellowship of Christian Athletes went down to encourage Brock. Then we made our way to the field.

I threw my arms around Brock. Reaching up, I took his face in my hands and said, “I have never been more proud of you than I am at this moment. I know tonight was one of the hardest nights of your life but you kept your word to God. Remember what we always tell you, „Those who honor God, God honors.‟

Brock, I don‟t know how and I don‟t know when, but God will honor you for this.”

God has continued to be true to his promise in Psalms 84:11, “no good thing does God withhold from those who walk uprightly . . .” Brock received a number of awards during his senior year: Athlete of the Year at his school; Scholar Leader Athlete by the National Football Hall of Fame; San Diego Citizen of the Year (and that came with a commendation from the governor). He was also given our high school‟s highest award for servant leadership, Knight of the Year. The faculty votes on it and, when they gave him the award, they congratulated him with a standing ovation. We had been praying that somehow God might be mentioned at his public school graduation and it was accomplished through Brock‟s bio. God answers prayer!

He went on to attend a junior college that he selected because the Coach was a committed believer, active in FCA who mentored his players. Brock helped teach a Bible study for 18 months while attending an Apologetics course in the evening at Biola and he fell in the love with defending his faith. God answers prayer.

Brock was named MVP, Mission conference player of the year and All State Player honors. God answers prayers!

We had sent Brock‟s profile to a myriad of Division 1 and 1AA schools. Being a 6‟ quarterback meant he needed a miracle to get a scholarship despite his record breaking throwing record. In addition, Bill had experienced some health issues that mandated a career transition which created a need for a miracle scholarship. One night, God woke me (Pam) up with the impression, “Send your son‟s resume to Liberty University tonight”.

The next day the coach from Liberty phoned Brock‟s coach. We had never seen him so excited as when he signed that letter of Intent. God answers prayer!

Since Brock‟s birth, we have prayed for his future bride. When Brock had been at Liberty just a few days, I spoke at a book signing for Amazing Grace Christian Bookstore in Pheonix. While there, I struck up a conversation with the bookstore owner and his wife. Sheryl asked me, “Where did you say Brock got his scholarship?”

“He‟s the quarterback of Liberty University.”

“My Hannah goes to Liberty!”

We gave the kids each other‟s phone numbers and our two strong-willed, first born kids decided to go on a date! After 18 months of dating, they spent a week in fasting and prayer. Brock then took Hannah on a tour of their relationship. They had not even kissed yet to safeguard their purity. At the place they first met. he gave her nails. At the place they first talked seriously, he gave her a hammer. At the place they first prayed, he gave her a piece of wood. Finally, at the home she was living in with friends, he gave her a second piece of wood which they hammered together to form a cross. He knelt on one knee next to the cross and said, “I want our relationship to start at the foot of the cross. Hannah will you marry me?

Hannah, can I kiss you?”

On July 25, 2005, Brock and Hannah tied the knot and became husband and wife. God answers prayer.

Today Brock is a football coach, equipping young men, and he and Hannah have three beautiful children, so now, I am praying for our grandchildren.

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