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Wow #5 Grab a Cup of Identity

My husband, Bill, loves his coffee. But along with Bill’s love of coffee, he also has
a habit that could be very annoying, that is his aversion to get the coffee mugs into the dishwasher. I find coffee cups every place imaginable: in the garage, in the car, in the truck, in the closet, on the sidewalk, on the deck and patio, in the shop, in the office, on the stairwell, in the bathroom—you name it, and I have likely found a coffee cup there. It is a good thing that we are authors and speakers because we love collecting the coffee mugs from all the churches we speak at and all the TV and radio shows we appear on—and we need everyone of them!

Wow Assignment

I am not a coffee drinker really. I might drink a non fat latte but for the most part, coffee makes my heart race, and I prefer that only Bill makes my heart skip a beat! Bill says that I am naturally caffeinated by God and it takes Bill drinking three cups of coffee just to keep up with my energy. Bill has an internal homing device that helps him spot a Starbucks green awning! Coffee is a part of what makes Bill – well, Bill! What is a quirky trait of your husband’s identity?

Wow Wisdom

One day, as we were preparing to move homes, I was doing that ”last load of
Dishes” and I realized it was composed of all coffee mugs! 47 of them to be exact! It made me smile because years ago, I decided to pray for Bill every time I saw one of his empty displaced mugs. I was seeking to apply the principle “love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8) I have embraced the ever reappearing dirty coffee mug with fond affection because it reminds me of my hard workin’ man who requires caffeine to
do all the wonderful acts of service that benefit so many – including me.

Wow Date

For Bill’s 50th birthday we celebrated by having Bill select then roast his own brand of coffee. It took one afternoon to visit a coffee farm, select the beans, roast it to perfection, then design the label . I knew I had a winning date as he sat, lingered a moment to savor the aroma of his Farrel Family blend of Mountain Thunder Vienna roast. He took a sip, then I watched a big grin appear on my husband’s well caffeinated soul.

I take note of when Bill’s ―Farrel Family roast runs low as I know, a mug of his favorite blend, with just a touch a real cream will endear his heart to mine, just like that empty dirty cup does when I discover it in the next unusual place. Think of a way to plan a date that celebrates something that is a representation of your man. Applaud that thing that makes him uniquely wonderful (even if it is something the used to drive you crazy!)

From 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband

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