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A wife who is highly attractive, pleasing, especially delicious, ambrosial, tasty, appetizing, delectable, flavorful, luscious, mouthwatering, savory, scrumptious, and succulent. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. My grandmother said it—and yours likely did too. Nothing says “I adore you” to your husband like making his favorite meal!

Is there such a thing as sexier foods? Sexologist Ava Cadell, PhD says, “Some foods lower inhibitions some get the blood flowing directly to the genitalia, and some foods release happy hormones.” 1 Basically a food that is good for your heart will also be good for your sexual performance! “A diet that’s healthy for you overall will be healthy for your sex life,” says Julie Walsh, MSRD, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.2 Let’s look at some nutritional aphrodisiacs then give you a few ideas how to be a yummy wife by making some delectable treats for the husband you love. Physical hunger and sexual need are both appetites that need feeding!

Proteins for a Party: Proteins are vital for building muscle mass in a man, which translates into rising testosterone levels increasing his ability to sustain an erection.

♥ Red meat: Steak- A Food and Wellness editor contends that “When a man sees you take control of a steak, it’ll make him think of you taking control in the bedroom later on, and what’s sexier than that?”3  The sound of steak sizzling on the grill is like a sound spark for sexuality for a male! Ribs- You and your mate can suck the meat off the bones and lick the sauce from your fingers. It is also a reminder that woman was made from a man’s rib. Lamb has been proven to raise testosterone levels.

♥ Oysters- These goodies have a history of being a sexy meal, so just serving them will alert your man you are ready and willing. They are also high in zinc increasing sperm and testosterone and contain dopamine a hormone known to increase libido.4

♥ Eggs- For breakfast, in addition to the fact that eggs are representative of fertility, they also contain L-arginine which combats male ED. 5

♥ Shrimp and Lobster- This succulent seafood eaten with your fingers is high in iodine which strengthens the sex drive. Lobster is a protein packed with dopamine and norepinephrine which increase sexual sensitivity. It is also seen as a luxury item, treasured in value, like your love. It can be even sexy if eaten with your fingers, dipped in butter and dripping off your fingers.6

♥ Stuffed breasts (of any bird) – This is a symbolic reminder of your own breasts, and packed with protein to keep up your strength behind bedroom doors.

♥ Nuts- The shell of nuts resembles a man’s cojones while the inside meat can seem vulvalike. Nuts and seeds contain the healthy monounsaturated fats for the good kind of cholesterol your body needs for good heart health and a strong sex life. In ancient Rome, newlyweds were showered with Walnuts, a symbol of fertility. Jennifer R. Berman, MD, adds, “Almonds are nutrient-dense and rich in several trace minerals that are important for sexual health and reproduction, such as zinc, selenium, and vitamin E. Zinc helps enhance libido and sexual desire.” 7 Pistachios were reserved for royalty and the Queen of Sheba saw them as an aphrodisiac. Pistachios also lower triglycerides and your LDL (bad) cholesterol. Brazil nuts can safeguard from colon and prostate cancer.8

♥ Seeds- Sprinkle Sesame or flax seeds for zinc which helps testosterone and sperm production. 9 Also good arechia, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and chickpeas (hummus). Wives, take note: Quinoa is rich in magnesium relaxing blood vessels and alleviating migraines.10

♥ Caviar- This expensive luxury is packed with phosphorous, vitamins and minerals but its expense, rarity and uniqueness make it more of a symbol of true love.

♥ Coldwater fish: Salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna contain omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA which help to raise dopamine levels in the brain that trigger arousal.11

♥ Grain Goodness: Over all the fiber and protein richness of whole grains are heart healthy.

♥ Oatmeal and whole grains are a natural way to boost testosterone in the bloodstream which plays a significant role in sex drive and orgasm strength in both men and women.12

♥ Fruits for Foreplay: Overall fruits are nature’s sugar so their sweetness is a wise replacement for refined sugars which contribute to diabetes and the erosion of health and sexual virility.

♥ Berries: According to a University of California study, strawberries may be tied to high sperm counts in men 13. Blueberries and blackberries have a “Viagra” effect on blood vessels.14 Delicate raspberries look beautiful dropped into a goblet of most anything sparkling.

♥ Bananas are high in potassium and carbohydrates which will give you stamina.

♥ Peaches have been compared in appearance to female sex organs but it is actually the fruit men should eat in large servings because it ups their sperm count! 15.

♥ Watermelon has been linked by the University of Hawaii to healthier erections in men and increased libido in women16. Texas A&M research found watermelon helps relax blood vessels providing a natural enhancement for revving up your sex drive.17 Plus there is something sexy about biting into an ice cold hunk of watermelon on a sizzling summer afternoon!

♥ Citrus and tropical fruits- Mentally these fruits might connect us to climates that are hot and steamy and the clothing is sparse and sexy. In addition, passion fruit (appropriately named), citrus and tropical fruits are super-rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and folic acid — all of which are essential for reproductive health.18 Papayas also boost a woman’s libido. 19

♥ Mangos- We tasted these in the Philippines and our first response was “This must have been the fruit in the garden of Eden!” Tantalizingly sweet–and so juicy we said it was best eaten naked, sitting in a Jacuzzi or bubble bath.

♥ Cherries– These sweet and delicate fruits increase libido and are high in melatonin a sleep aid.20 (And make nice foreplay food to drop into one another’s mouths).

♥ Pomegranate- This ruby red fruit is perfect to sprinkle in salad, eat chocolate covered, drink as juice for those vitamins and natural antioxidants to kick in and boost sex drive.21

♥ Grapes- Drop a few of these in each other’s mouths for an erotic treat. (Wine and champagne are also viewed as sultry drinks because they can make a person more relaxed, but be cautious with alcohol because a little too much and it can rob the body of its ability to perform sexually in the bedroom)22.

♥ Avocados- This fruit represents both males and females. Cut it open and it is womb shaped however it was called by the Aztecs the “testicle tree”. Science has shown it is powerful to ward off heart disease (and men with heart disease are twice as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction)23 – so slice it up and bring on the guacamole!

♥ Figs: Adam and Eve wore only these leaves in the garden. They are also full of manganese, magnesium, vitamin E and zinc, which are all known to enhance sexual vitality. An open fig has been compared in appearance to a female’s sex organs. Wrap figs in bacon (a male favorite food) and you will have a sure hit! Roast and stuff them with an exotic cheese for a luscious delicacy.

♥ Veggie for Virility: Many of the veggies good for sexuality also have a phallic shape.

♥ Asparagus is packed with potassium, vitamins B6, A,C, thiamin, folic acid and nutrients boosting histamine production which helps in reaching orgasm.

♥ Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium, lowering high blood pressure, which lowers risk for male erectile dysfunction.

♥ Carrots are rich with vitamins and minerals and one study found that men who ate them regularly lived longer and were found more attractive to women!24 In history, Caligula fed nothing but carrot dishes to the Roman Senate!

♥ Ginger, garlic, leeks, onions, scallions and chives are alliums giving stamina. (These also stir up your senses— but for love making, be sure you BOTH eat these strong smelling but good for you foods!)

♥ Artichokes are sexy to eat and contain pantothenic acid increasing our response to stimuli which equals much better sex!25

♥ Olives- Drop them into each other’s mouths and you are extending the proverbial olive branch of peace. Use Olive oil to help produce some hormones that help a woman with orgasm.

♥ Truffles and truffle oil are expensive, rare delicacies that resemble the male pheromone making men more eye-catching and women more receptive to overtures.26

♥ Salad Special: Make your salad with sexy ingredients:

♥ Tomatoes- Affectionately nicked named “love-apple” this red fruit slices or the sweet small cherry tomato version adds a touch of the erotic to a salad.

♥ Greens: Arugula has been seen as an arousal aid since the first century). 27 Spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, Swiss chard, and bok choy are also good sources folate which opens blood vessels enhancing the sex life.28 Celery increases the pheromone levels in a man’s sweat, making them more attractive to women!29

♥ Spices for Sizzle: Spices are virtually calorie free but sexually potent.

♥ Saffon – These red stigmas from the crocus flower are said to stimulate hormones to a sexual peak can be added to any grain dish, soup, or tea.

♥ Chiles and cayenne – Anything spicy will raise your hart rate, stimulate nerve endings, and release of endorphins producing a natural “feeling good” mood.

♥ Vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger all have studies showing their benefit to bedroom activities. In ancient Rome the word “cinnamon was used interchangeably with sweetheart and darling.30

♥ Honey or agave nectar- or any sweet syrup drizzled on a plate (or elsewhere) is a symbol of the erotic but anatural sweetener will provide long range health.

♥ Desserts and Drinks for Delight

♥ Cappuccino- Southwestern University found that the female sex drive perks up after a little cup of java)31 Add some sexy cocoa powder sprinkled on top or a heart swirled into the foam and you have love in a mug.(For extra impact, leave a little foam along your lip line and lick it off-that is sensual seduction.) Ingest caffeine sparingly though, it is a vasoconstrictor, which means it may have a negative effect on blood flow so too much can lower libido.)32

♥ Unsweetened green tea- This tea contains antioxidant catechin promoting over all body blood flow helping boost sexual stamina.33

♥ Milk and dairy can “do a body good” if you find the right kind and amount. High in sugar, you might look at skim milk which can boost fertility and lower PMS.34 Greek yogurt is particularly good for keeping the gut healthy and body lean. Many serious athletes drink chocolate milk immediately after exercise as it replaces what the body loses during a workout—so maybe chocolate milk after sex? If Cheese seems sexy to you, its protein and calcium are beneficial—but use it more like candy—in small servings in well chosen moments or you might find your waistline expanding. Ice cream is culinary foreplay if you place a small serving of this cold treat in a cone, licking and loving the sweetness, it will get his attention—as will a can of whipping cream.

♥ Dark chocolate- Go for a 70% cocoa level in this rich, sweet, erotic staple because its phenylethylamine is linked to the release of endorphins—the same ones triggered by sexual activity! )35 Dark chocolate increases the feelings of attraction between two people and causes a more intense and a longer brain buzz than kissing does.36 The Aztecs alleged it invigorated men and loosened the inhibitions of women. For extra sexiness, melt it into a gooey soufflé or use dark chocolate as a dipping sauce for strawberries (which are shaped like a heart or bananas (which are shaped like, well . . . ) If made as a fondue, if you include the tradition of giving a kiss if you drop anything off your fork into the fondue– you might not make it through dessert. In Mousse this light dessert won’t add heaviness to your stomach, but will add some “zippity to your do da.”

♥ Your shoots are an orchard of pomegranates with choice fruits, henna with nard plants,

♥ Nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with all the trees of frankincense, myrrh and aloes, along with all the finest spices37

♥ “I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes and cinnamon. Come let us take our fill of love till morning.”  38 

Expanded excerpt from Red Hot Romantic Tips for Women


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