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Healthy Living- You Gotta Have Friends!

I love when my friends help me live longer — and help me create a life to look forward to. That is how I feel about my friends Dr Catherine Hart Weber, author of Flourish and Carole Lewis, President of First Place 4 Health and author of Give God a Year. 

These are my endorsements for each of those books.

Flourish:  Discover how to blossom and grow in a healthy way, living a ‘life well lived’ and having a positive influence. I know Dr. Hart Weber can do this for you, because she has done it for me!

Give God a Year: I took up Carole’s challenge to give God a year and it has been the best year of my life. It is a complete win-win to give God a year. 

I highly recommend both, and both women, and I used the First Place 4 Health curriculum in my church ministry when I was a Director of Women’s Ministry. To learn more about First Place 4 Health go to: Read more about Carole in an article in the Houston Chronicle.

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