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Decisions Reduce Drama!

  Wow, this world needs some help in decision making! Recently, I felt a clash of value systems and the pressing need to mentor and create more women who are bright lights of hope in a world of foolish decisions…

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Where Do You Enjoy God?

  Where do you enjoy meeting God? Because the world’s headlines can be so scary, this summer, many of us have been reading LOL with God. Time with God equals stability. Spending time with God in His Word moves us from…

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Ready, Set . . . Go!

  Some moments are ones you want to be able to press replay on. Luke 2:19 says, “ . . .  Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”  Bill and I got a treasure the…

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A Heart for Moms

  Years ago, Jill Savage, became a mom. A school teacher by vocation, she missed the ongoing education conferences popular among those in education. She wondered, “Why isn’t there a Mommy University?” So she and some friends pulled together a…

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What’s On Your Desk?

  “Your worth to God in public is who you are in private.”                                                       – Oswald Chambers  This quote reverberated in my soul as I read it as a young leader when I penned my book Woman of Influence. Our integrity…

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